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"Medieval Battle"

Medieval Battle

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Box content

  • modules of battlefield (5 external, 2 internal, 4 fillers)
  • 2 sets of knights tokens
  • time markers
  • flag control markers
  • 2 calculators of fight
  • 2 sets of melee and ranged attack cards

Game parameters

Andrzej Kurek
strategy, war game
Players age
Playing time
45-90 min
Radosław Jaszczuk

Product description

Medieval Battle is a battle game for two people commanding armies of knights. The players try to defeat their opponent by either taking and holding the strategic points of the battlefield or seizing the opponent`s wagon train.The key to victory is an efficient recruitment of units that will be best suited to a given terrain, as well as skilful placement and opportune maneuvering on the battlefield.

The board consists of two-sided modules, which will allow the game to be played many times with differing terrain arrangements and conditions.

The game mechanics are luck free which means that the battle`s result is determined exclusively by the player's ability to manage their armies.

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